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Our members

The members of the original Schoolboys' Band were students from all over the city. Here's the story.

The members of the alumni band, like the original band members, are amateur musicians. Some of the alumni were members of the original band.

Here are some photos.

Our executive

The band executive works hard to keep us on track, arranging concerts, managing our finances, and working with our Music Director, among many other things.

President: Carol Mellors

Vice President: Joe Bowering

Secretary: David Organ

Treasurer: Dave Greidanus

 Director at Large:   Lorne Langman

                             Debra Goodwin

                             Verona Goodwin

Music Director:        Graeme Peppink  (non voting)




Aidan McGarrigle

Ray Leppard          February 19, 2023

Wally Might            February 10, 2023

Charles Thompson        January 2, 2023






Our Music Director

Rehearsals are held on Thursday mornings at the Central Lions Seniors Recreation Centre in Edmonton where our music director, Mr. Graeme Peppink leads and inspires the band.  Graeme is our interim conductor.

We perform in locations such as churches, the Central Lions Seniors Centre, and the Shaw Conference Centre in Edmonton. The members of the Edmonton Schoolboys' Alumni Band aim to provide enjoyable performances for our audiences. One of the ways we do this is to play music that's familiar to most people.

Our librarian

No music group can succeed without an active and able librarian. We're very fortunate to have Rose, who comes to every rehearsal and makes sure we all have copies of the music. The hours she devotes to this task can't be counted ...